The mind is a beautiful thing

Together, our minds form our universe. Our world. Our perceptions. The cages, boundaries, limits, and possibilities.

A large part of it exists only in our minds.

The truth is the only way out, is empirical in nature. …

The deeper I get into the world of technology, the more unnerved I get. By the people who are rapturous about their participation in tech companies.

By the fact that the technological world has bled into common lexicon.

A part of me feels that many who use the terms haven’t…

I find in me a curious intuition. A weird feeling welling up inside me that says that I don’t really know what’s going on deep inside my Self.

A sense that lurking, underneath it all, lies a demonic creature, full of hate and angst. And of course quick study precipitates…

Dear Friends,

I understand it has been a few projects in, and a very long time since we had truly made big steps. I also know that you must be tired, frustrated, and unclear at what the future holds.

I understand you. I truly do. And I am sorry to…

“And within 10 minutes… it was obvious to me that all computers would work like this some day. You could argue with me about how many years it would take, you could argue about who the winners and losers were, but you couldn’t argue about the inevitability of it. It was so obvious.”

— Steve Jobs on seeing Xerox’s Graphical User Interface for the first time


Put in another’s words — this time another billionaire technologist says—
”A Great technology company should have proprietary technology an order of magnitude better than its nearest substitute.” — Peter Thiel

Can your tech 10x the nearest substitute?

The GUI vs line-by-line execution of programs… offers easily a more than 100x increase as a user interface. Of course a neural-linked technology might be the next step, as Elon Musk is trying to do with neuralink.

What’s your 10x?


Riches. Bitches. Fridges (full of alcohol)

What’s there not to l0ve b3ing a cRypT0br0?

The latest tech that’s got nerd panties up in a twist so big they can’t stop telling the world to buy into it. …


This is your boy, @thefrederation in the house… and I love tech. I hope not to be known as someone who jumps on the next passing trend, please. I would say I’m trying to live my life as vicariously as I can… and why should you care…

As an entrepreneur, aspiring to change the world through new paradigms and opportunities untapped, it can be really scary to truly see the speed at which the world moves.

In mere years, businesses can create billions of dollars, and I can only wonder what the founders felt, what they did…

Who are we? What defines us?

I don’t mean it in the patronising National Day-esque sense.

I approach it from a realistic, daily living sense. What do Singaporeans Live for? What do we fight for, and how are we living our lives?

If we had an emotional/values diary, and we…

拳无影, 脚无形,
勇而不敢, 拈花微笑,
得之则少, 失之你多。


Frederick Lee

I seek to understand. I seek to improve.

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